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DEI Learning Snippet Facilitated Sessions

Interactive sessions designed to help staff engage in meaningful, safe conversations with colleagues about DEI issues. Using workplace scenarios, each session focuses on the skills and behaviours that lead to effective conversations with colleagues in order to improve diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace. Best for groups of 30 or fewer, there are three different sessions available: 

  • Perspective is Everything (Empathy)
  • Creating Psychological Safety
  • Moving DEI Conversations Forward

These one-hour sessions created by the Dialectic/Learning Snippets team, are professionally facilitated by Making Change Presenters.



Leading with an Equity Lens – Leadership VILT Series  

This workshop series introduces leaders to the core principles of inclusive leadership. Each  90-minute interactive workshop focuses on how leaders can lead through an equity lens to  ensure that all employees feel included and welcome in their workplace.  

Session 1: Recognizing Oppression 

  • Understand equity, systemic racism and oppression 
  • Explore how employee identities are related to workplace outcomes 
  • Practice recognizing oppression through a case study  

Session 2: Responding to Oppression  

  • Understand the roles of anti-racist allies 
  • Practice conversation skills for talking about bias and inequity concerns 
  • Practice skills for effective intervention when biases or inequities arises 

Session 3:  Impact above Intention – Leading Your Team

  • recognizing microaggression in the workplace
  • shifting from intention to impact
  • responding to microaggressions

Maximum number of participants for each session: 30

Critical Social Thinking
The session will briefly introduce the “Critical Social Thinking” Workshop, which embraces each opportunity to support Community Building within new and existing spaces. The session discusses allowing every space the autonomy to build on and celebrate the cultures within it, giving space for addressing, understanding and nurturing oppressions affecting the community. Activating Allyship through community building and respecting the roots of networking will allow “Inclusive” to be the new Exclusive.

One hour (1) presentation overview

  • Understanding of the current climate
  •  Learning key tools to become critical social thinkers
  •  Empowering ourselves to become stronger allies

White Privilege Workshop by Madelaine Khan

Participants will be provided with an understanding of how white privilege manifests in society, and has shaped their own lived experience.  Participants will examine Peggy McIntosh’s work “White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack” (1989) and explore how white privilege has contributed to anti-Black racism.  The workshop will conclude with a discussion of how participants can help combat anti-Black racism by standing in solidarity with members of Black communities. This 2 hour workshop or 1 hour introduction is prepared and delivered by Madelaine Khan; co-facilitated by Making Change Presenters.

Maximum number of participants for each session: 30

Contact Making Change for more information please click here.

Aaron Barth

Founder & President, Dialectic

Madelaine Khan

Facilitator & Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Consultant

Gillian Scobie

Social Justice and Anti-Black Racism advocate

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