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Madelaine Khan (she/her)

Facilitator & Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Consultant

Madelaine is passionate about equity, diversity, and inclusion; she has written on topics such as Enquiry-Based Learning, the intersections between race and gender, and the challenges of large class sizes.  Through her private practice as an academic coach, Madelaine provides a variety of services to students, including tutoring and academic advising, to help students navigate accessibility challenges both in and beyond the classroom.  Her work has been published in scholarly journals such as Teaching, Learning & Innovations and Footnotes, and presented at multiple conferences, including the College Association for Language and Literacy, CiCan Connection Conference, the University of Guelph, and the University of Western Ontario.  Madelaine holds an MA in Science & Technology Studies from York University.  

In addition to working as an academic coach, Madelaine works as a professor at Georgian College, where she uses her expertise to facilitate challenging conversations in her classrooms by lecturing on topics such as privilege, intersectionality, decolonization, and medical racism.  At Georgian, she has made a commitment to decolonizing her curriculum and has completed the 12-month Decolonization & Indigenization Program, serves as a member of the EDI Working Circle, and often acts as an EDI consultant and curriculum developer on projects, such as the Mnaajidiwin Project.

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