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Making Change

It’s about Community Togetherness

OUR MISSION: To educate communities by facilitating self-awareness through impactful programs.

PURPOSE:  To spark conversations about equity, diversity, inclusion and equality to invoke change.

GOAL:  Create a world where we celebrate our diversity while embracing the essence of what makes us human.

Coming for Black history Month 2024


Making Change is a not-for-profit organization started by a group of passionate volunteers, led by a community of Black women. 

Launched in 2019, we have grown to include a small, but mighty, team of dedicated volunteers, Board of Directors and Program Director. Together, we plan and coordinate activities, projects, and events in the community. Collaborations and partnerships are vital to our continued community impact.

Our Founder Story
In 2019, with nothing on the horizon for Black History Month again, our founders decided to lead the change they felt was needed. They organized a Black History Month kick-off event, with collaborators and partners. In February 2020, they added a team of volunteers and organized three events: The Art Engagement Project targeted for youth, Voices of Black Women in Business for the business ecosystem, and a BHM Celebration at Five Points for the community. These events and their passion have sparked discussions and conversations about inclusion and diversity all across Simcoe County and beyond. Our three co-founders (Michèle Newton, Stephanie Gourlie and Shelly Skinner) incorporated Making Change as a not-for-profit organization in July 2020.